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Lighthouse complex associated with columnar joint rocks by aligning its shape to honeycomb grid.

Constituting a part of the coastal context by columnar joints enables the building to rearrange and enhance the flow of energy by the context, interpret and transmit the energy to visitors.

 Have you ever felt invisible energy affecting you that is specific to the place?

 The energy might be flowing through there along some rule according to the geographical or topographical conditions. Many places known for mystical energy vortex might include the factor of this kind of flow. Some Asian notions, such as, Feng Shui, karesansui might also have the idea of taking in the energy flow.

 It may be related to the notion of "vernacular architecture" and "genius loci", but buildings can be harmonized with the geographical and topographical context by reading, taking in, fusing with or unite with the context, rather than blocking it, furthermore, by smart planning, the building can amplify and rearrange the flow. As the building constitute a part of the context, the building can function as a device that receives energy from the contextual flow and communicate it to humans. Although the energy is sensuous and may not be able to explain scientifically, you would feel a sense of unity and connection with the land, relaxation, joy and sense of receiving inspiration and vitality.

 Since buildings are supposed to be connected to the ground, planning including this point of view may bring wonderful value to the building.

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