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Workplace on the natural rough terrain forcing the office workers to exercise

 Generally speaking, office workers spend most of their working hours sitting at their desks, but don't you feel uncomfortable or something wrong in your body, due to sitting mostly all day long? Keeping a certain posture may leads you to shortage of exercise as well as neck, shoulders, waist stiffness. And what is worse, poor circulation of the whole body, decreased physical ability and strength and even the deterioration of the physical function might be caused, especially in the case of not using their legs, since human beings may be supposed to move their bodies most of the time they are awake. Nonetheless, there might not be many workplaces where you can leave the desk freely for stretching and light exercise as you are at home. If you are smoker, have you never leave seat actually for stretching but for smoking as a reason?

 To solve the problem, we propose a brutal office (not meaning "Brutalism"), by covering the natural rough terrain with the roof, that forces the workers exercise every time they move. It is not "Barrier-free" architecture but "Barrierful" architecture. WiFi environment enables the workers to bring laptop computers with them and work anywhere they like. As it is more or less uncomfortable everywhere due to natural rough terrain and changes in sunlight, the workers would wander from place to place seeking for cozy points. Besides, every time moving for meetings, toilets, breaks, etc. requires ascending and descending, so they will be forced to take reasonable exercise. And also, fitting themselves to the terrain will be benefit for them in terms of stretching. When leaning against a rocky rock, muscles and acupuncture points are stimulated and it may make you unexpectedly pleasant. Thus the rocks may be uncomfortable but sometimes comfortable. They can also hide themselves from their bossy bosses at the back of the rocks etc. and they can concentrate on their works at their own pace to maintain privacy moderately. For those who love mountain climbing and outdoor, it is highly desirable environment, isn't it?

 Concept of universal/accessible/barrier-free design is very important in infrastructure, but at the same time, we'd like to suggest the importance of appropriate barrier according to our age, physical fitness etc., because we are not only intellectual existence but also living beings. Would you like such a workplace that combines current work style with natural varied environment that is not always comfortable but mankind had been situated in?
 By the way, personally, not wearing hard leather shoes, frequent stretch of the toes etc. and stimulating the soles make me feel even better.

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