October 3, 2017

Rescue and evacuation device from tsunami and floods / 津波等の水害時に避難施設となり、同時に、逃げ遅れて水流に呑まれた遭難者を水面まで押し上げて救助・救命する装置です。

October 3, 2017

We have noted that some messages from the CONTACT form in this web site had not been properly delivered to us. If you have not received any reply message or response from us after you sent message (basically we intended to reply by e-mail to all the messages we receive...

November 24, 2016

I boast of the nature of my neighborhood. I believe you'd like this elegant photo I took during jogging.




November 15, 2016

In Japan, we seldom take advantage of rooftop space for human usage but for machinery, Preferably we should try to secure moderate rooms and space for machinery in the building body at basic design stage so to plan enjoyable rooftop space.


October 16, 2016

In OKU (back in the mountainside) NIKKO, Leaves are getting yellow and red.

This season might be rather better than mid of autumn, because not so crowded and the red leaves can be highlighted in green leaves. You'll find minimal beauty of this simply focused red leaves...

August 20, 2016

This site was introduced on a Japanese design curation site!

Good Design Web に当サイトを掲載頂きました。ありがとうございます!

July 12, 2016

New one of "for fish" series has been uploaded.

I don't have an idea what happens on fish when it goes up in the cylinder where the pressure is below 1 atm..!observatory-for-fish/trotm




July 8, 2016

Despite announcing being busy, we have uploaded stupid works again and again lol

Maybe the project has been oriented to aiming for laugh at stupidity.!gallery/uv7n1




July 5, 2016

We added another weird work..!gallery/uv7n1


July 2, 2016

A new project has been added. 

Odd house complementing the cut ridge due to a path road - bearing the memory of original terrain

Currently introduction page is not prepared yet. Image with pin button is available in the following page. Please click "others" in the t...

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