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PROJECT FOR DESIGN ATTEMPT is operated by Mijinko Soken to attempt to design things that provide the society with innovation or fantastic possibility, despite practical aspects, such as, legal regulations, construction cost, construction method, water proofing, standard details, and so on.

Though currently not equipped with bulletin board here, we hope to discuss, pursue and present innovative or stunning design with you to help society create delightful future.


If you keep great unbuilt / fantasy works you elaborated and in which you believe in precious values innovative or fantastic for the society but not published, qualified for competition or adopted/accepted for construction, how about requesting us to publish them on this site? Although we don't protect your rights, we might help promulgation of your works on the Internet to enhance your activities as a designer.


Please forgive us if we don't respond to you after you send us a message;

Your request for publishing works would not be always accepted;

We do not guarantee, take responsibility on publishing your work or protecting your rights on them;

Published works are subject to deletion without any notice to you;

Please protect your rights on the works for yourself, if needed, because the Internet has the character that the information published on it would be exposed to the risk of being used without consent or plagiarized.

What we would provide on your works here is just introduce them herein and help popularize them.

Only masterpieces conforming to our project/site concept would be accepted after deliberate consideration and discussion among you and us;

Works for direct commercial or sales promotion purpose would not be accepted;

If above conditions are acceptable and you are still eager to publish your stunning unbuilt/fantasy works, first of all please contact us using below forms with a message including brief explanation of the works and your self introduction.

Even this project site is not meant to showcase anonymous works freely, we are looking forward to promulgating your great works on the Internet to provide the society with innovation.

Thank you.


For inquiries, please feel free to contact us from the form below.