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terrain architecture  > FLOOD SURVIVAL FACILITIES / 2016-2017

facilities for evacuation and rescue from tsunami and floods

The facilities (device) can be ascended for evacuation, and at the same time, lift up flood sufferers swallowed in the stream up to the water surface when inundated. Unlike most of other ideas introduced in this website, the facilities are serious one for practical use. Various types including retractable ones have been devised to facilitate installation even in difficult situations to construct them. Currently under research and development for implementation. (PAT. P)

For details, please see another website of Daphnia Innovation Labs. (Sorry, English detail page is currently in preparation)

For inquiries, please contact us from the form in the page "ABOUT and CONTACT".

Mechanism and function

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Layout and function
Scene instance

Matching the design to the original landscape is important. It would rather provide residents with special valuable effects.

Don't you feel an inspiration that you might ascend into the night sky with the facilities integrated with the background trees?

The Flood Survival Facilities can harmonize the surrounding urban landscape with the background natural landscape in spite of their geometrical and artificial figure, by forming an organic skyline like a mountain ridge line.

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