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Gap between platform and train / ホームと列車の隙間について

A station in my neighborhood has curved platforms that are unsafe for handicapped passengers (especially visually impaired people in rush hours) when to get on and off trains due to the large gap (approx. 300mm) between the platforms and trains, while transporting facilities nowadays have been rapidly updated to accessible. Currently, a station attendant is deployed to observe passenger's safety, but it still seems so dangerous because people believe safe accessibility is already secured along guidelines around this area in Tokyo. Sometimes we see station attendants help handicapped passengers one by one with boarding slopes, but unrealistic to provide safety to all passengers in this way.

I tried to devise the solution before, but failed because of cost and difficulties due to technical conditions. For example, the dimension of the gap is not fixed because the suspension changes the car's positioning according to the train speed (express trains pass the station fast) and the load. Another line "Tokyu Railways" took a measure to set rubber-comb blocks at the gaps between the train doors and the platforms, however, it doesn't seem enough as there still be large clearance that is technically required. If you know good solutions or have good ideas for this problem for safe accessibility, I'd appreciate your kind information. Although I'm not in the position to adopt the solution to the railway companies, I'd try to introduce the solution to them for social welfare. (If you could get profit, it's also preferable.)








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